Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Snuggs is finished!

Thank you for all your kind thoughts, I'm glad to be back among you.

I finally finished The Snuggs quilt. Considering that it just needed quilting and binding I probably should have done it sooner, but I really hate the basting part and always put it off as long as I can LOL. I won't be doing any tutorials but will show you what I ended up doing.

 This is my method for getting my backing as tight as possible, I'm not convinced it is the best way, but it is my way LOL. After I'm done I roll up the tape for my glue-sniffing cat who loves to chew on it... a mother's shame :) I also am no good at seeing through my batting, so as you will see later I ended up with a slightly skewed backing...

I decided to quilt the longer white sashing with 1/4 inch lines and then went 1/4 inch on either side of the perpendicular seams.

I finished it up with a great yellow on yellow polka dot that matches the yellows in the quilt. I think it will be perfect for the new baby, it is winging it's way to her now.

If you look along the bottom you'll see the sloping blue line... that would be my lack of x-ray vision LOL!


  1. This turned out so cute! Welcome back. Glad you're feeling better.

  2. It is just lovely. Glad you are feeling better.


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